We're All Going On A Summer Holiday!


With the schools breaking up here in the UK this week, thoughts turn to the summer holidays. A time to get away - with no more working for a week or two. 

Whether you're Leaving On A Jet Plane or taking the Holiday Road, the list of destinations is near endless. Destinations include Kokomo; (Oh) Vienna and Paradise City to sing a few; or you could simply be enjoying the Parisian Walkways this August or going off to visit a Girl From Ipanema in Skegness. Wherever you decide to go in this Wonderful World of ours we hope you have a great time away. 


Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


Late July and most of August is generally a quiet time for bespoke tailors around Savile Row. With most of our customers away on holiday, it means it’s a great opportunity for the good people of Meyer & Mortimer to down tape measure and shears and get away themselves. With this in mind, we thought we’d politely enquire as to where our weary makers might travel over the summer months, while also finding out about their favourite holiday destinations.


Brian Lewis


Brian Lewis: In need of a holiday?

Mr Lewis could be thinking about the Permanent Vacation after being with Meyer & Mortimer for nearly 60 years! With thoughts of retirement - at some point - Brian is currently working three days a week (Weds, Thurs & Fri FYI). You find with bespoke tailoring, your customers are reluctant to let their tailor retire.


The Heart of Dartmoor - Two Bridges

So where does Brian like to getaway? Well, Malta and Devon. Not two destinations one often hears together but in the Lewis household, they are regular travelling companions. Both Mr and Mrs Lewis tend to visit each destination every year. In Malta, Valletta is a firm favourite and down in Devon, the Two Bridges Hotel ‘in the heart of Dartmoor’. 


Paul Munday


Paul Munday: Ready to down shears & square

For fellow director Paul Munday, when he’s not travelling overseas to see our customers, he likes to go skiing with his wife Claire. Favourite places to ski include - in of course descending order - Japan, Colorado and Banff. And his best summer destination? The striking Atlantic beauty of Madeira (Portugal). When asked about Summer 2019, Paul said “we’ve not booked our holiday yet but thinking of Croatia”. 


Autonomous Region of Madeira (West Cape)


Steve Phythian

Cutter, Steve Phythian, is taking his family to the Cotswold this summer. For our overseas readers, the Cotswolds is an area in the south-central and south-west of England. It’s quintessentially English with its villages often receiving awards for the ‘Most Prettiest’ and ‘Most Delightful’. Steve is living the dream and hiring a cottage for his stay. 


Steve Phythian: The hardest surname on Savile Row to spell

Later in the year, Steve is taking his family to Disneyland Paris which provides us with a clue for his favourite place on earth which is Florida. It is, of course, a theme park connection and FLA has its fair share including Disney World (and its many offshoots); Universal; Busch Gardens; and Sea World. 


The UK Pavilion at Epcot, Disney World FLA


Sean O’Flynn


Finally, and by no means lastly, we have bespoke shirtmaker Sean O’Flynn who works out of M&M Towers at Sackville Street. At the time of writing, our Sean is currently languishing in the warmer climes of Calabria. For the more geographically minded, you will know it is in Southern Italy. For those who are not, it’s in the toe section. So loved is this locale, it has been a regular family favourite for the O'Flynn's for the last 6 years. It also provides ample opportunities to journey north to Naples and Rome for overnight visits. 


Calabria image courtesy of Mr O’Flynn

That brings us to the end of this short journal on our tailor’s travel plans. If nothing else, travel allows us to relax from life’s travails (customer’s changing shape, loss of favourite pair of snips; lack of air conditioning at the showroom…) while someone else does the cooking. It also allows us to spend time with our loved ones away from the day-in and day-out of life at home. Horizons expand, the clutter drops away and a moment is revealed for us to happily exist in.

Happy Trails!