The Trousers

Getting the perfectly fitted suit is about acquiring your correct measurements. If you haven't already, please refer to our Self-Measurement and Style Guides where you will find help and assistance.

Once you have all your measures (for all your required garments), you are ready to start. If you have any questions do please email us  or call us on +44 (0) 20 7734 0656.

Pleats *
No pleats (flat-front) or pleated, we offer three choices.
Pockets *
Choose from three side pockets options: Straight, Slanted or Cross-Front.
Hip Pocket *
Rear pocket (ideal for wallets). Choose from Left or Right; with or without a Button.
Fly *
Choose from Zip or Button options.
Bottoms *
Choose from Plain Bottoms or Turn-Ups.
Waistband *
Choose between Loops or Strap & Buckle. Please choose Loops if you would like to wear a belt with your trousers.
Knee Lining *
Option for lining inside the trousers from the front of the waistband & fly down to the knees.
Brace Buttons *
For those who wish to wear braces with their trousers.
Shirt Grip *
Additional grip inside the waistband to keep shirts tucked in.
Waist *
Please enter your waist measurement.
Seat *
Please enter your seat measurement.
Inside Leg *
Please enter your inside leg measurement. See sizing guide for more details.
Outside Leg *
Please enter your outside leg measurement.
Bottom Width *
The width of your trouser bottoms. This should be between 16 to 20 inches.