Cloth & Colour

Director Paul Munday has carefully curated our winter range of cloths. We do however, have more options should you not see a cloth, or colour, you like below. Please contact us on: +44 (0) 20 7734 0656 or email us should require any further assistance.


All our cloths are woven with 100% wool and made in England. We are currently offering two mid-weight cloths: 10-11oz to 11-12oz. Both are excellent choices for a year-round suit. If however, you prefer a lighter weight to your cloth or tend to be in warmer climates, we suggest opting for 10-11oz which is called a Super 100. These cloths use finer wool fibres which improve the quality and performance of the material and often gives it a softer feel. 

Please note the perception of colours can vary from display to display and should be used as guidance only. If you

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