Bespoke Tailoring

The tailoring experience at No 6 Sackville Street is a collaboration between the customer and the skilled staff of Meyer & Mortimer. Our aim is to create perfect garments to the customer’s precise instructions using the highest traditions of Savile Row tailoring.

For new customers, the process begins with a consultation with one of Meyer & Mortimer’s cutters, whose role is to create the unique pattern for each garment. The cutter needs to know about the customer’s lifestyle, what they need any particular garment for, what climate they will experience, what unique details they would like to include in the garment. At the first meeting, up to 25 body measurements are taken so that the cutter can fashion a garment that will accentuate the best parts of a customer’s frame.

Cloth options will be discussed. Meyer & Mortimer keeps examples of several thousand fine cloths in its premises and will advise customers on their relative merits and the appropriateness of their use for different garments and different situations. In addition, hundreds of linings, buttons and trimmings can be considered so that each garment will be unique to the customer and as perfect as it can be.

The next time the customer meets the cutter is for the first fitting. Here the garment is tried on and any necessary adjustments and alterations are noted. Normally, by the time of the second fitting, the garment will be almost perfect, with only small refinements to be made. In rare cases, a third fitting might be suggested by the cutter to ensure that the item is faultless.

For regular customers, the number of fittings is reduced as his or her individual pattern will have been kept and their characteristics and likes will be known.

The bespoke tailoring process normally takes 8 to 12 weeks. See some examples of our bespoke tailoring work.