The Sheep on Savile Row Photo Album

Here are some shots of the sheep on a rather rainy Savile Row today (5 October 2015) for the UK Wool Week in conjunction with The Campaign for Wool. For more details please read our earlier blog on this and here to see video of the sheep being released on to Savile Row. Two herds visited Savile Row today: the Exmoor Horns and the Bowmont herd.

Houses have made suits and/or overcoats for the event with styles being separated into three categories: Bespoke - the traditional Savile Row cut; an Icelandic theme and the Traveller which we made a suit for focusing on flexible and  comfortable clothing that travels well. Page down to see our model James wearing our three-piece.

Please click here for the Sheep on Savile Row video

The sheep this morning as they had just been released on to Savile Row. Our woolly guests are in fact Exmoor Horns from Wiltshire.

ur shepherds for the day (Exmoor Horn flock) Ben & Harry from Wiltshire

The Exmoor Horns

The Bowmont herd

Model James Chuter wearing our three-piece wool suit

The Icelandic models

Models Matt Treche & George Alsford with the latter wearing a Kathryn Sargent creation

Here comes the rain again … during one of the many photo shoots throughout the day

Some old Newham Bespoke Tailoring friends from Level One: Charlie, Maarta & Bella, who have just embarked on Level Two.