The Christmas Q&A Part II

With the journey nearly done, arriving at the gates of Christmas, we continue our festive Q&A with our second instalment (Part I can be found here) asking the team of cutters here at bespoke tailors Meyer & Mortimer what gets them in the spirit, what reindeer games they might be playing this year and what Saint Nick might be sending their way.

Oliver Cross

Believes in Father Christmas

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Not to be ill. It’s becoming a rather unfortunate tradition with either me, or someone in my family, going down with something.  However, on the more material front, I will be getting a vintage tie-pin I’ve had my eye on for while.

Very sartorial Oliver. Is there a festive tune that turns your Christmas dial up to 11?

Yes, definitely. That’s Greg Lake’s 'I Believe in Father Christmas'. It really conjures up the Christmas spirit for me that does.

What’s your favourite tipple at Christmas?

Its orange juice and mint.

No alcohol?

No, just a refreshing Christmassy drink.

And favourite Christmas film?

Well that’s Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Such a great film set of course in L.A at Christmas.

Thank you very much for that Oliver. We now turn attention to cutter Stuart Lamprell, although not technically a Meyer & Mortimer, he works out of the shop and is, like the rest of the team, part of the polished furniture.

Stuart Lamprell

No Scrooge

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year Stuart?

Good health.

Another theme developing here.  What’s your favourite Christmas film?

Its not one film as such, but the Scrooge story really appeals in its various muppet, actor and animated forms. Its just a classic story that has stood the test of time.

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

My brother got me a plastic sledge one year when there was no snow.

Just add snow

And where will you be spending Christmas this year Stuart?

My fiancée is Norwegian so we’ll be over in Bergen Norway celebrating Christmas with her family.

Thank you Stuart and what a wonderful place to spend Christmas. I assume they’ll be snow there rather than this Spring like weather we’re experiencing.

We now go to Jason Smith who joined us earlier in 2015 and is learning about cutting and tailoring while helping us with our social media.

Jason Smith

Staying home for Christmas

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

Twenty-sixteen is going to be a big year for me as I’m going to get married and be a father so my wish is for the health and happiness for all involved. That and a three-piece navy suit in Frontier cloth  – for the wedding – which is currently being put together by the team here. Obviously, I’m excited by the first child and wedding but the suit is very close competition.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

I have two: Chris Rea’s 'Driving Home for Christmas' with that lovely bridge before the guitar solo; and Paul McCartney’s 'Wonderful Christmastime'.

Macca: Melody Itself

Favourite Christmas film?

It’s got to be Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. After 30 years I’m still quoting that film: “Merry New Year!”.

And where will you be spending Christmas this year?

In London with Lucy, said fiancée, and my mum and stepfather who are coming down from Nottingham.

Well, that concludes our Christmas Q&A for this year. If you missed Part I that can be found here.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, from all of us at Meyer & Mortimer, and a prosperous (and stylish) new year.

E.N: Since this piece was published Jason did in fact get married and his son, Lucas Lee Smith, was born on the 6th July 2016 weighing in at 8lbs 9.