British Warm


A Bespoke British Warm Overcoat

This marvellous garment is A British Warm. Also referred to as a British Warm overcoat it is a type of woollen overcoat based on the greatcoats worn by British Army officers in the First World War. It was made recently by Brian Lewis for a customer of ours to wear off-duty. The British Warm first appeared around 1914 as a military greatcoat for British officers. If the overcoat looks familiar, it's because it was made famous by Winston Churchill.


Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at Yalta in February 1945

A British warm is typically designed as a heavy, double-breasted, wool coat made from a 100% wool cloth known as Melton. It is taupe-coloured, has peak lapels and leather buttons, often has epaulettes and is slightly shaped. It falls just above the knee. It is also sometimes belted.


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