Three-Piece Suit: Trousers

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Pleats *
No pleats (flat-front) or pleated, we offer three choices.
Pockets *
Choose from three side pockets options: Straight, Slanted or Cross-Front.
Hip Pocket *
Rear pocket (ideal for wallets). Choose from Left or Right; with or without a Button.
Fly *
Choose from Zip or Button options.
Bottoms *
Choose from Plain Bottoms or Turn-Ups.
Waistband *
Choose between Loops or Strap & Buckle. Please choose Loops if you would like to wear a belt with your trousers.
Knee Lining *
Option for lining inside the trousers from the front of the waistband & fly down to the knees.
Brace Buttons *
For those who wish to wear braces with their trousers.
Shirt Grip *
Additional grip inside the waistband to keep shirts tucked in.
Waist *
Please enter your waist measurement.
Seat *
Please enter your seat measurement.
Inside Leg *
Please enter your inside leg measurement. See sizing guide for more details.
Outside Leg *
Please enter your outside leg measurement.
Bottom Width *
The width of your trouser bottoms. This should be between 16 to 20 inches.