The Savile Row Street Party September 2018

In a plan to improve the Savile Row thoroughfare, The Pollen Estate, Westminster City Council with the Savile Row Bespoke Association have been working together for several years. To celebrate its completion, they decided to throw a party: The Savile Row Street Party. The event was also an opportunity to honour the young tailors and cutters who work in and around The Row.

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Pop-up window displays were created, and the young craftsmen and women were encouraged to attend the party in some of their own creations.

From our perspective, we had a great time, and it was an excellent opportunity to socialise with the other houses. That is the good thing about this industry, we all agree that Savile Row is more significant than any of us, and we work together, as we have done for years, to protect the brand. If we can do that over drinks, and catch up with good friends from other businesses, all the better.