The Duke of York (George V) Coat Part I

Every so often we have the opportunity to look at the bespoke tailoring work of our Meyer & Mortimer ancestors. The last piece of interest was a Highland Dress Doublet we made 60 years ago that came in for a few minor mends last year (in the Lookbook). Our latest is fascinating indeed. Not only is it older at 125 years but its original owner was the Duke of York who later would be King George V when he took the throne in 1910.

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With most of our records destroyed during the last war, we do not know a lot about the garment. We do however know; we made this ceremonial jacket in 1893 for the Duke of York when he was an Honouree Colonel of the 3rd Middlesex Artillery Volunteers. It is a beautiful garment and hope you enjoy the images we took.

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